you sh0t the sheriff 14

 Sao Paulo - Brazil
Are you ready for the most exclusive InfoSec event in Brazil?
Sao Paulo

Venue will be announced only to confirmed attendees

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Attend cutting-edge talks in information security and network in a unique environment designed for you.


This is the 14th edition of the You Sh0t the Sheriff conference! And it will be better than the other editions of the event, if that is possible.

STS Produções e Serviços proudly brings the innovating and most exclusive information security event to the Brazilian InfoSec community since 2007.

The event will be hosted again In a laid-back environment suitable for networking, meticulously picked talks in diverse topics of infosec are presented.

The 14th edition is happening on TBD, in a great venue only announced to confirmed attendees.

You sh0t the Sheriff
Information Security
Segurança da Informação
Segurança da Informação
Vila Bisutti